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Celebrate YOU

It all begins with self-love. That is the journey of life. I want you to love yourself and I want to reflect your beauty back to you. At any stage in your life, at any point in your journey, you are beautiful. Let me show you what that looks like now.


Celebrate you…now

Let me take you through a visceral experience of beauty, empowerment, courage and self love where you can embrace your feminine essence and celebrate who you are now, during this moment in time

Be empowered. At any stage of life, you deserve to be

appreciated and admired


THIS is the time to exist in photos

About the process

We begin with a consultation to get to know each other and discuss the direction of your customized photo session.  From there, we determine our style and feel of the shoot and we schedule your session.  


On your photo session day, you arrive to a hair and makeup artist who will prep you for our session.  I will guide you through the shoot, at your comfort level as we co-create beautiful imagery together.  


After our session, we will schedule a viewing date for you final image selections.  

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