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Marked Moment Photo Session

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From Kate Messer Photography’s Marked Moment Photo Sessions, a new, exciting and fun package is now offered. This is the newest, hippest way to share your memories in a fun and interactive process.  Professionally and beautifully captured photographs will show where you are NOW and who your most important friends are in this moment of time.  

How it works


You, the featured subject, choose your closest guy or gal friends.  We gather at a place (or multiple locations) that have meaning to you and how you spend your time together.  The photo session largely revolves around the featured person.   We do some group posed shots and every person in the group will be featured as well.  But mostly, I capture candid shots that express personality and relationships.  What you end up with is a gorgeous series of photos that are expressive and will be treasured for a lifetime.  

**For the girls, have your hair and makeup professionally done and style consultation.** 

A personal post consultation is included.  

Final, processed images will be posted to a sharable viewing gallery.  Products and downloads are available for order from this gallery.  

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