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High School Senior Photos creative, expressive, personal


Celebrate this marked moment in time with beautiful and expressive photography


Kate Messer offers a variety of session choices from a simple one location, one look session to as elaborate as your imagination or desires goes.  All sessions include a consultation before and after the session and a sharable online viewing gallery with your final images.  Contact Kate to discuss your ideal photo session. 

About the Senior Session


This is your time to shine! Let’s make the shoot a special event. A personal consultation with you and family is included and we will discuss wardrobe, locations, setting of the shoot date(s) and alternative days as well as many important tips about preparation of your shoot. In the process, I can best determine by being in your company the most personal way to approach your shoot. This is also a time where your input counts and I want to hear what you have in mind. Ask any questions you have, I want you to be prepared and confidant going into your shoot.

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