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Kate has been a photographer for nearly 2 decades, as well as a photography educator and inspirer for over a half a decade.  She began as an educator at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and also provides one on one sessions in photography and Lightroom instruction.

Kate has a passion for educating and inspiring photographers in their craft and creative powers. She believes that photographers need support and encouragement from one another and she provides an environment and continuing support for just that.

Posing Intensive

Contact Kate for information on upcoming workshops and locations


Are you struggling with getting your subjects in a pose that is faltering for them? Not sure what to do with the hands, arm positions, smiles? Struggling with directing your subjects? This workshop is for you!  Exercise of your craft with guidance and encouragement is best way to learn and get better.


With live models, we will look at what posing works versus what does not and why according to gender and body type, as well as type of session you’re holding (i.e. portrait session vs Promotional session) and the difference in approach between the sessions.


You will learn through demonstration and hands on directing and shooting as I guide you through the experience. You will leave this workshop with a more refined eye for capturing the best of your subject and greater confidence in how to direct them.  

Follow up post production meetings are available for 1 on 1 instruction for an additional fee.

A link will be provided for you to upload your photos. A time will be scheduled with Kate for review, critique and feedback.

Portrait Photography

Working With Your Subject 2.5 Hour Hands On Workshop

You have a camera, a love for photography, photographing people and would like to improve your skills and confidence?

This 2.5 hour demonstration and hands-on workshop Kate Messer will show you how to communicate with your subject, determine the best lighting for the environment, pose your subject(s) and compose your shot. The personal attention and interactive style of instruction will give you the boost, inspiration and confidence to create your own, beautiful photographs.

Included, a link will be provided to upload photos from the workshop for my review and critique after the workshop. This will take place during a scheduled call.

Follow up post production meetings are available for 1 on 1 instruction for an additional fee.

Workshop requirements:

DSLR camera
Zoom lens that is at least 70mm
A working knowledge of how to use your equipment and adjust your shutter speed, aperture and ISO is required. The more comfortable you are with your equipment, the more you will get out of this workshop.


Shoot for the Wall - Nature Photography

Shoot for the wall! Nature Photography Workshops are now forming. Learn to see nature in all her beauty. Kate will challenge you to find the beauty in even the most simplest of things, ignite your creativity and spark a new love for photography. The goal is also to create THE photograph that you will proudly display on your wall. We will edit the photo and a photographic print will be provided. Please contact me for more details.

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